Getting Married in Sin City, Las Vegas

Wedding is a very important date, so why not go with a big bang ceremony in Las Vegas? The city of stars and glamorous neon lights, Las Vegas has and always been an ideal wedding destination for engaged couples because of the easy legal process and the vast number of possible wedding ceremonies a couple can do in the city. Las Vegas has so much to offer, and it would surely make your wedding more remarkable and memorable. Your friends, family and other guests would surely remember their stay there, too!

All the Legal Stuff

The Sin City would not be called as the Marriage Capital of the World without any justification as to that title. Marriage license petitions coming in at the marriage bureau amount to almost more than hundred thousand per year, and large volumes come in especially during peculiar dates like 11-11-11 or 7-7-07. This staggering amount is because Clark County in Las Vegas doesn’t have any waiting time when filing for a marriage license. Yes, no waiting time, and no blood testing! If impulsive, spur-of-the-moment wedding is your thing, then this is something you’d definitely like.

To qualify for this instant marriage license, you must be both unrelated and is 18 years of age and above. Las Vegas is offering online marriage license applications, but you still have to come in person to present your form. There would be an express lane, so waiting won’t be much of a problem. Foreigners can also marry in Las Vegas, but additional fees may apply according to your needed legal papers. Marriage certificates cost $10, while an apostile from the Nevada Secretary of State costs $20. You may need these legal documents to make valid your wedding rites.

Tying the Knot in Las Vegas

Las Vegas offers many places for any kind of couple. There’s the usual traditional Catholic marriage where an ordained Catholic priest will officiate your wedding. The solemnity and sanctity is there and you can find chapels like these along the Las Vegas strip, but you would also see older chapels and churches downtown. If you’re not that traditional and reserved, there are other liberating and creative options to get married in the Sin City.

Not only straight couples go to marry in Las Vegas, but also members from the LGBT community. Unlike most chapels in the US and around the world, a handful of chapels in Las Vegas offer gay marriage rites. This adds to the diversity of people and cultures in the melting pot of Sin City.

Special themed weddings are also offered in some chapels.  A number of chapels include in them Elvis-themed weddings.  The King himself had married with Priscilla in Las Vegas in 1967 in modern-day Planet Hollywood. You can also reserve a date at the Goretorium for a horror-themed wedding. If you want to merge the glitz of Las Vegas with the romantic atmosphere of Paris, then Paris Las Vegas is your ultimate destination. Complete with a replica of an Eiffel tower, this is also a typical honeymoon destination. This article won’t suffice for a complete list of those unique romantic and odd wedding themes, so be sure to check them out.

Las Vegas also has a number of honeymoon destinations. Why not take a cruise at Lake Las Vegas or go boating at Lake Mead, or enjoy the breathtaking view at the Grand Canyon or the Valley of Fire? Las Vegas may be on a desert, but the place is teeming with wondrous attractions.

Las Vegas Wedding Tips

Note that Las Vegas has a very hot climate. When you’re planning for a wedding date in Las Vegas, make extra planning when doing it in the summer. Also consider that many couples go for a peculiar wedding date in Las Vegas. If you have guests coming from out of town, you should also consider listing some important things to remember in Vegas with their RSVP’s. Las Vegas is also a popular holiday destination. Also remember that your marriage would most likely speed up if you process your papers online.