Florida Wedding

Florida Wedding: Notes on the Venue

You can never go wrong in marrying at Florida. Filled with many historical sites and tourist experiences, it can double as a honeymoon tour, too. They’ve got the best hotels to host your Florida wedding, not to mention the beaches that made the state world-famous. The Sunshine State will forever shine on lovers who would want to make memorable hotel or beach wedding. To help you make it more striking, we’ve prepared some tips to help you arrange your Florida dream wedding.

Planning a wedding is not as simple as it may look like. You also need to have that eye for detail be it big or small, besides the taste of beauty for an elegant touch for your wedding. Look out for all the details of your plan, from the venue arrangement to the invitations to the name cards on each table.  Also, determine the services you would hire for your wedding. Your music can be taken cared of either by a DJ or a band, whichever you choose to your liking. You also need to determine who would officiate your wedding.  To help you plan the intricacies of weddings, why not hire a wedding planner? Their experiences in planning weddings would certainly help you make better choices and have close to a hassle-free wedding if there is such a thing.

 Choosing from Florida’s Paradises

Part of your wedding plan is the venue, and Florida has many venues to choose from. Choose from different beaches, islands, and cities where the best five-star hotels can help you arrange your wedding venue. You can either go for a beach wedding at Daytona Beach, Panama, Sanibel Island or Amelia Island, or through hotel venues like Hilton Naples. If you want to splurge a bit, you can also get a more unique wedding concept by renting a yacht and get married on a boat with only the closest of your family and friends! If you live in Florida, it would be best to support local businesses that serve weddings to liven up the local tourism in your area.

If you want a beach wedding, it’s important to secure a location first. You won’t have any problem, since Florida has a lot of beaches to choose from. Make reservations for about a month before your wedding. By that time you can be able to deduce what kind of weather you’ll be having during your wedding. Setting the time is crucial, too. Pick a time that is an hour and half or so before sunset. It’s a typical hour with natural lighting for memorable photographs, and it won’t be as scorching hot as it is at early noon.  Sunset beach weddings are romantic, too! These pointers also go with reserving hotel venues. Note that unlike beaches, hotels can get more reservations. Making earlier reservations like a month and two weeks prior would be fit, unless the hotel has some policies. Also survey different hotels in Florida and choose venues that best fit your wedding motif.

 Picture Perfect Memorabilia

Nowadays, wedding photography is something inseparable to the whole wedding package. Photos help preserve the wonderful memories for the couple and photographers pick good angles and lighting to make them more beautiful. Each wedding has a story, and it’s a wedding photographer’s call to narrate it in beautiful photos.  Florida has many picturesque places like the historical city of St. Augustine, the beaches of Miami, or the urban attractions at Orlando. Choosing a venue is one, but you can also leave the itinerary planning to a professional wedding photographer.

Wedding photographers in Florida give more ideas and insights on where best to take your photos. They may know of some places where the lighting and the location is wonderful. You can also go for different themes and motifs. Most couples prefer nature sets or grass parks, while there are unique shots in urban areas. The themes of your wedding album are your shot, but as for sets and places, trust a professional wedding photographer on that one. This goes as well for your other wedding services, like for music or catering. Going for wedding service providers in Florida cuts the delivery time and, like for food, makes them delivered more fresh than when you’ll take them from somewhere.

The Honeymoon

A wedding in Florida would not be complete without the honeymoon. Lovers go to Florida to get married and enjoy the scenery there. Why not go to Florida and enjoy also the local events in the area? Travel in the city for shopping or see events in convention centers. Just lying by the beach with your loved one is also an option.  If you’re ever going to set your date, try setting it around holidays, where guests from out of town can also enjoy a vacation at Florida beaches or hotels as well.