Destination Wedding: The Bali at Jimbaran Bay

Selecting the destination for a destination wedding is often the first, and most difficult task. Every country and culture has its own unique and special way of celebrating the sanctity and beauty of marriage, so how do you decide which one is right for your wedding?

One way to choose is to pick the most beautiful locale, and according to many surveys, some of the most beautiful locales can be found in Bali.

Home to Indonesia’s Hindu minority, the province of Bali has long been at the top of every serious tourist’s must-visit list. But in recent years, a huge spike in tourism has prompted local businesses and venue owners to start catering to a new kind of tourist: happy couples who wish to tie the knot in Bali.

At the forefront of this movement is the Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran Bay. Spread across 35 hectares of pristine beachfront property along the Jimbaran Bay, this high-end luxury destination comes with everything one would need to hold a wedding that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

The whole compound is built to resemble a traditional Balinese village, while retaining all the comforts of a Western luxury hotel. The resort has more than 150 private luxury villas available for you and your guests to rent, with one or two-bedroom villas available. Each villa comes with a private stone-walled courtyard, oversized indoor and outdoor living areas, a private pool, and sun terrace.

They offer a wide array of wedding venues on site, ranging from their Island Gazebo, a small island garden featuring spectacular views of the ocean and a private beach perfect for small parties, to the Jepun Sari Pavillion, their only indoor venue. They also have the Jimbaran Garden, featuring a wide ocean view and a private waterfall, and the Coconut Grove, a secluded venue situated alongside one of the area’s best beaches.

But we all know that good wedding venues provide more than just nice spaces. The Four Seasons goes above and beyond by providing everything you might need to host a grand destination wedding – you’ll have access to the advice of expert wedding planners, a wide selection of on-site services like caterers and florists, and a selection of wedding packages designed to help you get going as quickly and as easily as possible.

The advice of a seasoned expert is always a welcome thing, and with the wedding planners at the Four Seasons you get all that and more. They can help you plan every aspect of your wedding, from the journey there, to the reception, to the honeymoon afterwards. They can even help you navigate the maze of paperwork the Indonesian government requires to make your marriage legal, freeing you up to worry about other things – like the catering and food arrangements.

Food is one of the most important parts of any reception, and it takes a lot of planning and preparation to get it done right. The Four Seasons has its own dedicated catering staff, made up of talented chefs and individuals who are dedicated to making your special day as special as it can be. Everything from the individual dinners to the wedding cake gets their world-class treatment, and the menu they put together will satisfy even the most discerning of tastes.

Finally, there are the wedding packages. If you’re on a budget, or simply don’t have the time or resources necessary to plan everything from start to finish, these packages are for you. Three are available, each one designed to cater to different tastes and styles. The Seasons Wedding package is the simplest, offering the essence of the luxury of the Four Seasons without adding more than is necessary to create a memorable experience. Next, the Ultimate Splendor wedding is a step up, adding a touch of Balinese wedding tradition and design to the standard ceremony, and finally, the Balinese Purification Wedding package is for those looking for an honest-to-goodness Balinese-style wedding, complete with a Balinese Hindu priest and traditional temple ceremony.

The Four Seasons Hotels are known the world over for their excellent service and their focus on local architecture, and the Bali at Jimbaran Bay is no exception. Their location, wide selection of quality venues, and excellent on-sites services have made them one of the best resorts in the world. For the final word in destination weddings, look no further than the Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran Bay.