A Truly Unique Winter Wedding at the Icehotel

Icehotel is not your ordinary hotel. In fact, it is considered a totally unique creation. Icehotel is built on the bank of the Torne river in Jukkasjärvi every year with just the use of only snow and ice from the river. The combination of 1,000 tons of ice and 30,000 cubic meters of “snice” – a mixture of ice and snow made by the Torne river itself using snow cannons, make this magnificent hotel a great place to have a unique wedding.

Each year, Icehotel invites visitors from all over the world to experience art, nature, unique accommodation and gastronomy. Couples who are searching for a truly one of a kind wedding will have an adventure of a lifetime as the hotel will take them further north, explore the high mountains, all the way to the northern Norway to visit the fjords. Settled in Jukkasjärvi in the middle of magical Swedish Lapland, and surrounded by serene forests and unspoiled snow-covered lakes, having a wedding in Icehotel is a true gift of the artistry of men and nature.

How to Plan a Wedding in Icehotel?

Start by getting in touch with their on-site coordinator that will help you in making a perfect wedding suited to your needs. They take requests that are subject to cost and practicality made on that day. Their wedding coordinators will also help and advice couples about their wedding planning whether it is about the bride’s wedding gown or about legal requirements.

They provide flowers, music, photographer, wedding cake and booking your hairdresser. They can easily arrange private group activities so that you and your guests can take advantage of the magnificent snowy location. You may even get lucky and find the northern light appear on the day of your wedding, which could easily translate into a real magical event.

The Ice Chapel

The captivating Ice Chapel is one of the last parts of the Icehotel to be made and is passed over to the parish of Jukkasjarvi on Christmas day. It is also made each year from crystal-clear ice and snow that is always created unique in design. They never create the same chapel every year. The Ice Chapel is separated from the main hotel and has a reindeer hide doorway that lets the bride make her appearance without having her walk through the hotel. Reindeer skins cover the rows of ice pews to make each guests comfortable. Also, included in the center, is a unique ice art that looks marvellous as the couple say their vows.

Conducting The Ceremony

With a capacity of around 30 guests, a priest will commonly perform the religious ceremony. For those who wish to have a civil ceremony, this will be performed by the city registrar and can accommodate around fifteen people. However, Swedish Lapland still does not recognize same sex marriages and may not still be performed at the Icehotel. Instead, same sex couples can receive blessing in the Ice Chapel for those who want to enter a civil partnership.

Arrangements For Guests

Certain arrangements are given to guests who want to stay at the hotel. The Icehotel is not made for children, but for those who want their children to join the special occasion, the Icehotel will make the necessary arrangement for families with children. A 50% reduction is even given to children under 12 years old. However, children should always be accompanied by an adult and they are not allowed to do certain activities such as snowmobiling or ice sculturing.

For Brides and their Grooms

With the constant help of their on-site coordinator, brides will not have much of a problem creating a magical wedding. Your only concern will be, is to the type of wedding dress you will be wearing. You can still take the traditional approach of wearing a full gown and veil. However, you can also have fun and wear matching ski suits. You and your groom will be up for one of the most magnificent and unique wedding you will ever have. And, in most cases, only a few people experience this magnificent hotel as it does not stay all year long. The Icehotel will go from liquid to frozen and back again to liquid – from river to river. So, on your winter wedding take the next leap of adventure and uniqueness and experience it in a hotel that is truly made of ice.