Wedding Destination

Windsor Court Hotel: The Perfect Destination Wedding Venue in New Orleans

While it may be customary to hold the wedding in the hometown of the bride or groom, it is becoming increasingly popular to have the venue at a totally different location. Many soon-to-be couples imagine the perfect wedding day and often times their hometowns just do not have the perfect location, thus destination weddings became popular. Continue reading

Why Get Married at Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires

Destination weddings have never been better since brides can now travel far and wide just to say their vows in one of the most romantic places in the world. Your choice, have your wedding in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Argentina is the second largest country in South America and you will be spoilt with the varied choices of romance and adventure since they offer a romantic hike through dense rainforests, Continue reading

A Truly Unique Winter Wedding at the Icehotel

Icehotel is not your ordinary hotel. In fact, it is considered a totally unique creation. Icehotel is built on the bank of the Torne river in Jukkasjärvi every year with just the use of only snow and ice from the river. The combination of 1,000 tons of ice and 30,000 cubic meters of “snice” – a mixture of ice and snow made by the Torne river itself using snow cannons, Continue reading

A Perfect Tuscan Wedding at Castello di Casole

Tuscany, the heart and soul of Italy. It is always much more than a place since Tuscany is first a way of life that presents centuries of the world’s favorite arts, culture, food and wine. And, in this heart of Italy lies a perfect venue for weddings. The Castello di Casole.  Since, Tuscany is already naturally beautiful so there is no need to style the location in order for it to become perfect. However, Continue reading

Peter Island – One of History’s Most Breathtaking Places for Weddings

Looking for the best place to celebrate precious moments such as weddings, honeymoon, wedding anniversaries, and renewal of vows is really quite a daunting task. Because of the hundreds, and even thousands, of options you can find from magazines, yellow pages and online selections, there is no doubt why so many people prefer to settle with local options. While this could also be a great idea, Continue reading

Why Choose Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort for Your Wedding

For a time, a wedding that is combined with a vacation for the couple, wedding party and guests were made available only for the extremely wealthy. However, this is no longer the case as local destination weddings have, in recent years, become an attainable and attractive alternative for more and more couples seeking to put an enjoyable romantic spin on their wedding. Imagine, Continue reading