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Having Your Best First Wedding Dance

A wedding is not actually complete without seeing the newlywed’s first dance. The wedding would not even be fun without letting everyone fill up the dance floor. Music in weddings hold a significant importance to the event as it brings life to a party. How many great videos in YouTube have we seen so far dedicated to first dance, and wedding dances? Remember the JK Wedding Entrance Dance (see video below) where the whole bridal party danced to the music of Chris Brown, as they enter the wedding ceremony? Or the Wedding “Wobble” where the couple’s first dance was the monotonous kind, and then surprised everyone with a wobble dance together with their bridal party?

Dances are now changing weddings since it is also a venue to express oneself and even create a trend that others would follow. If you want to make a very special first dance, better plan it ahead of time and make sure your fiance is up for it. It is also common these days, for couples to take dancing lessons before their big day. Most would even ask a choreographer to choreograph a dance routine for them that will surprise everyone.

Traditionally, couples usually play it safe when it comes to their first dance. They will just play a love song that they can sweet dance with, and then continue the night away with some fast songs so guests can join in. These days however, couples are more creative in their choices of songs and how they should start their first dance. If you are on your way to planning your first dance, why not make it the best first wedding dance you and your guests will remember for years to come?

Here are some tips to think about:

Plan ahead. Just like any part of your wedding, it is necessary that you plan your first dance. Keep in mind that all eyes are going to be on the two of you and people would expect you two to be all romantic while still enjoying a good dance together. While some couples enjoy a night on the spotlight, others do not feel much confidence especially if they have two left feet on the dance floor. And, this is where the traditional routine comes in! When couples feel that they do not want to go further in making it extra special, they just tend to fall into what is normal.

Inspire yourself. While you want to make your first dance special with your guests not forgetting the whole event, make certain that you get your inspiration and get ideas about your own dance. You could get ideas from the Internet and watch a couple of videos on YouTube about weddings and dances. You could also ask your dance instructor, if you are going to get one, and plan everything.

Choose a song. There are so many great songs to actually choose from, but most couples choose a song that has a significant meaning to them. If you are planning to do a special dance, make sure that it will be on the beat that you want since some songs are not meant for dancing even for slow dancing. Types of dances that are used in weddings are Swing, Night Club Two-Step, and Foxtrot. If you do not know any of these dances, then it is really time for you to get a choreographer and start learning even the basics of these dance steps.

Learn with a choreographer. The easiest way to learn how to dance especially if you do not know what you are doing is to have someone help you. There is a great chance that you and your fiance will be able to land that perfect routine if you will start practicing early on. Your choreographer’s job is to help you find that song that will not bore your guests and will naturally help you in giving you swag. You may not still be J. Lo, but at least you will be in harmony with your partner and you will deliver a great dance together.

Practice makes perfect. While you may be a good dancer, you should still consider your partner, or it may be the other way around. This is not a show made for one. Your first dance should feel like and look like it is special. The more the two of you practice, the more it will look natural and fun. This will also be a good chance for you two to spend some quality time together especially during the wedding planning when stress is higher. So spend some time together and continue practicing until you get everything right. And, even if you have perfected your routine, just continue dancing since you are with your permanent dance partner and you know you will enjoy your time together.

JK Wedding Entrance Dance: