Father and Daughter Dance Music

It can be a little difficult to find the perfect song for a father and daughter dance. You may want something touching, meaningful and special, but not romantic of course. Often, you may find a song that may seem perfect—and then there’s that one line that suddenly makes the song borderline creepy.
Choosing a wedding song for you and your groom is way easier because there are thousands of options out there. A song for a father and daughter dance, however, can be difficult. You may search a little harder to be able to find the perfect song that will suit the moment.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Music

The bride should be the one to choose the song that will best fit the father and bride dance. The task can also be a concerted effort of the father and the bride. The first step to picking the perfect song is for you and your father to sit down and talk about the great times you’ve had during your childhood and young adult years. You may have had a moment in your life when you were scared and your dad comforted you. You may have broken your heart and your father let you realize that you deserve a lot better. There are a myriad different experiences or memories that can serve as an inspiration in choosing the perfect music.

After you have gone down memory lane, you will have to choose the kind of music you want to dance to. Most father and daughter tandems would like to dance to a slow-paced song, although some others like the music fast to make the mood a little lighter.

Browse through the Internet and look for a list of songs that you and your dad like best. Ideally, you should make use of a website that has both the lyrics and the audio of the song. Look for songs that best fit the special memories you and your dad had together. Narrow down your choices and choose your top three. Talk it out with your dad and agree on the song that will be perfect for the dance.

List of the Best Father and Bride Songs through the years:

1. Daddy’s Little Girl by Michael Bolton
2. My Darling by Wilco
3. Kind and Generous by Natalie Merchant
4. Stand By Me by Ben King
5. Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion
6. A Song for my Daughter by Ray Allaire
7. Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder
8. Child of Mine by Carole King
9. Father’s Eyes by Amy Grant
10. The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra

After you have chosen the song for the dance, a few dance practices to polish your dad’s rusty dancing shoes should create a special bond for both of you before you finally enter marriage. With enough practice, you can turn a simple dance into a beautiful waltz. You may also practice a whole routine around you and your dad’s favorite rock song.

If you and your dad do not dance much, then you should seriously consider taking short dance lessons. There are short dancing courses online that can make a difference on how both of you groove on the dance floor. Within a few hours, you and your dad may turn into competent dancers.

Do all these ahead of time so that both you and your dad will be well-prepared during the wedding. No matter which song you choose, what is most important is that both of you cherish your moment together before you leave him for good and create a family of your own.