Wedding Dance

Father and Daughter Dance Music

It can be a little difficult to find the perfect song for a father and daughter dance. You may want something touching, meaningful and special, but not romantic of course. Often, you may find a song that may seem perfect—and then there’s that one line that suddenly makes the song borderline creepy.
Choosing a wedding song for you and your groom is way easier because there are thousands of options out there. A song for a father and daughter dance, however, Continue reading

Father and Daughter Dance: More Than Just Walking the Bride down The Aisle

While the father and daughter dance has been a tradition long observed in Western weddings, history failed to elaborate its roots. Some may claim that it manifests paternal dominance although it might just be another sweet opportunity for the bride to take a moment with her dad on the dance floor. What are the odds that you’ll get the chance Continue reading