Planning for your Wedding Cake

With all of the creative innovations bakers have in mind when it comes to making a wedding cake, it is more than likely that you are in the middle of the ocean looking for that fine pearl! It is important to make careful planning for your wedding cake so that you can enjoy it on your most memorable day.

The first step in planning for your wedding cake is searching for the right baker. You can ask your friends whom they can recommend. You should also take note of your cake preferences such as its design, flavor and appearance. Keep in mind that well known bakers are hired several months in advance. It is important, therefore, that once you’ve chosen your wedding cake baker, set up an appointment at once so you can have the advantage of falling first on her list of clients.

Once you’ve decided who will bake your wedding cake, be prepared to give all the details. You can jot down all the things you have in mind like cake toppers, icing designs and color combinations. Modern wedding cakes do not necessarily come with toppers. If you prefer to put one, you can work with your baker on how you would like it to appear on your wedding.

The next thing to cover is the placement of your wedding cake in the reception area. Traditional wedding cakes are used as centerpieces. It is important therefore not to put your cake at a corner. Select the best linens that will match the color of your wedding cake. Neutral colors would be perfect color backgrounds on your wedding cake table. It is important also to match the shape of your cake to the shape of your table. Round wedding cakes will look elegant if placed on top of round tables instead of the usual rectangular one.

The beauty of your wedding cake should shine during your wedding ceremony and should buy you compliments. It is important to plan when to cut your wedding cake. Unlike in a traditional setting, wedding cake nowadays is cut at the early portion of your wedding program where everybody is still around. If you plan to cut your cake to signify the end of the reception, chances are some of your visitors have already left. A good suggestion is to cut your wedding cake right after your grand entrance when everyone’s full attention is pointed at you to make it more significant.

Consider the weather at your reception. Will you be having an outdoor wedding ceremony? Cakes melt on high temperatures. Keep your cake in an air-conditioned room to preserve its appearance and flavor. Do not display your cake two hours before the start of your wedding program. Have it placed on the cake table at least a few minutes before the start of your program.

Ask your caterer to gently place your cake in an airtight bag after the wedding program. Place it on a plastic container with cover before placing it inside the refrigerator.

Wedding cakes are traditionally known to bring good luck to couples. Aside from the luck it could provide, why not enjoy it during your wedding day? A beautiful, well designed and good tasting cake is the feather on the cap of a successful wedding day for any couple.