Who is Your Wedding Planner for Your Big Day?

Wedding planners are also called wedding consultants, wedding coordinators or just wedding professionals. They are those busy women making a fun living from planning and directing weddings. Whatever the title they may have, hiring a wedding planner with the right credentials in the said field should be considered especially if you do not want to get totally stressed out with the whole event. One main concern for most brides though, is that they do not think they can afford one. The truth is, there are different types of wedding planners available today that can cater to any bride regardless of their budget.

When one thinks of wedding planners, they mostly think of Jennifer Lopez and her old movie “The Wedding Planner”, where she successfully created great weddings from start to end until she found her own mate. The concept in the movie is the same with reality. However you have the option on the type of services you will get since not everyone handles design services, and not all planners handle logistics. Others are more vision-oriented and some focus more on schedule and production. When searching for the right candidate, make sure you know what you want to get from your planner. Do you plan on getting assistance from start to finish? Do you want her to focus more on creating a magnificent event? Or do you want to get assistance only at a specific time or just at the day of the event? To help you with your big day, here are just some of the different types of planners to choose from:

Full-time planner

A full-time wedding planner will be there for you at the start of your planning until the end of the reception.  They will mostly be in charge with the design and coordination of the event such as creating the overall vision of the wedding, planning weekend activities for the guests and meeting and hiring vendors. Getting the help of a full-time service is mostly suitable for couples who are busy with work or other schedules that they have. Most wedding planning services provide a complete wedding package that will help you from the big important details to the small elaborate ones. They will also take charge in finding the right wedding vendors and secure, negotiate and coordinate payments for them.

Partial planner

A part-time planner or an à la carte planner is best for couples who still wish to take full charge of their wedding, but still need the help of an expert to guide them with their big day. This type of planner will guide you in the process of planning and offer great advice about the décor, vendors and other specific projects you are doing. You can call them whenever you need assistance and they will charge you by the hour or a flat fee for each given service.

A week or day planner

This is mostly suitable at the last stages of the wedding especially if you want to avoid any mishaps from happening or any last minute details that you may probably miss. You can hire this type of planner so that you can finally relax and enjoy your wedding day. You can get their help at least a month before the wedding so that they can make certain that all your vendors are set. They will also be responsible for all the post wedding duties that are needed to be done. This type of consultant is perfect for couples who likes to be involved with their big day, but want to make certain that all the details are taken care before the wedding day comes.

Event coordinator

This type of planner mainly focuses on creating the main concept of the wedding day while allowing the bride to just relax and enjoy the whole planning. This person is like an interior designer since she will handle even the smallest detail of the event. From the design of the invitation, the wedding cake to the reception hall. She will mostly bring your dream wedding into a reality that is based on your style, taste, budget and vision of how it would be.