What is Trending for Fall Weddings

Fall is a season of inspiring exhibits of displays as it sets the tone of how the old makes way for the new using nature as its motivation to experiment with rich colors and great decor. Guests can expect to see subdued color palettes that are still simple, but gives that captivating shows of intoxicating colors. Brides and grooms can also add a touch of personalization and sophistication by mixing different items to their decor. The trends and styles are endless this year, with more are focusing on the freshest flowers, floral adornments and with lots of lace.

For 2013 fall weddings, here are some of the latest trends to look out for:

Wedding dresses: Say goodbye to strapless. Dresses this year, can be found with sleeves and seductive necklines with illusion necklines or boat necks as designs. Gowns with sleeves can go from long-sleeved to short-sleeved and have caps that are found in different shapes. Also, trending this year, are those with sexy open backs with striking features. Expect to find open backs with cut-outs, lace and extreme embellishments and flowers with the front looking stunning as well. Also, high lace necks and ruffles are on this year’s most popular fashion details. Flower adornments of the dress is also hot, especially if they are in lace.  Short dresses, illusion necklines, deeper shades of ivory, and dramatic backs are coming out as the leading trends on spring bridal runways and can expect to continue until the next season.

Color: Strong mixes of neutral tones are on display with the use of magnificent, but soft color choices. Beige, cream, ivory and white together with one accent color such as apricot, plum aubergine or chocolate can provide that sophisticated look. Also, light, crisp and airy hues that are mixed with deeply saturated pops of color such as metallic gold, and silver with a combination of bright berry red, muted slate gray and deep emerald green are also trending.

Flowers: Most brides are still favoring bouquets and centerpieces that has English garden style flower choices such as garden roses, peonies, ranunculus and hydrangea. These flowers have the same characteristic texture and appearance that are high in petal count and luxurious headed blooms. Peonies in particular, makes center stage in bridal bouquet and wedding centerpieces as they give that sense of freshly picked flowers for everyone to enjoy. Wild flowers are also making their way as great centerpieces that can be used in a variety of reception décor and even at the ceremony location.

Invitations: 2013 brides will be looking for more three-dimensional invitations that have pocket-folds, boxes and embellishments. Neon is a hit color this year. However, do not go full neon. Choose neutral invite with a hit of hot color like neon orange or cream with a neon watermelon combination. Playful patterns are still a major trend with chevron, honeycomb, and Moroccan patterns being still the top choices. The invitation look of the year contains glints of metallic gold, silver and bronze stamped directly on the invitation while the illustration can be custom made specifically meant for the couple.

Food and drink: Sit-down dinners are back! While food stations are still popular, the return of classy sit-down meals are making a great comeback. Guests can expect crystal glassware, beautiful plates and shiny silverware. The choice of food is not complicated since this will just feature fresh and local cuisine that will display home. For the drinks, champagne is the new alternative together with different garnishes and colored mixers. Dessert bars are here to stay, but more and more guests are requesting dessert bars by colors.

Wedding cake: Wedding cakes are popular again with flavors such as raspberry, red velvet, chocolate, vanilla or peach. They may choose to have it fill between only two layers or may fill the gap between many layers with the use of many color. For those brides who just want to make it simple, they can add a single burst of color to give the cake that clean and modern look. Brides who wish to add more color will have fun using eye-popping color or all-over appliqués. For the top, more and more brides are choosing minisculptures on cakes.

Music: Since it is the iPod generation, brides may even have their own playlist of 5,000+ different songs on their playlist. The result of these too much selection is that they demand a more customized music experience. They expect electronic dance music with probably some musicians that play along with a DJ. At the cocktail hour, expect to have a percussionist and a DJ playing together.

Personalization: The trend this fall is to add sophistication by including salvage-found items that will show the couple’s tastes on things. Objects such as unique sculptural pieces, marquee letters and obelisks give that notion of finesse to the reception decoration. Buffet tables can be beautifully arranged by adding a unique art that can become a memento of the wedding day.