Wedding Transportation 101: From the Not Practical to the Oh So Practical

Getting to the place of your big day also requires serious planning just like all the other details of your wedding. After all, you want to get there in style and have a grand entrance without any unnecessary hassle. The bride is very important, but so are the guests, so you have to keep them in mind as you start planning for wedding transportation.

Here are a few useful tips to help you plan the wedding transportation:

  1. Check lists of reputable companies 5 to 6 months before the wedding.  Some car companies even require longer lead time if your wedding day is near peak season.  This will also save you time and money.  One more thing, make sure that you are the only person booked for that day. If there was someone else booked for the same day, their time might overlap with yours and vice versa.  Reconfirm as wedding date approaches.
  2. Get creative with your choices. Limousines are grand but expensive. No issue if money is not a problem. A white bridal car is traditional and classic but lacks imagination.  Again, there is no problem if you’re a stickler for traditions. Some creative ideas for example are bridal coach, a small vintage car or a carriage. Or for a more hip and adventurous couple, a motorcycle is fun!
  3. Your bridal entourage worked hard with you for your wedding, so if your budget allows it, give them a ride to ensure that they get to the place on time and in style as well. Your bridesmaids can go together in one car, so it will save them time later to assemble before the wedding without having to look or wait for each other before the ceremony.
  4. If you’re doing the wedding out town, make sure you provide not only shuttle but directions to the guests who are driving. You do not want to leave anyone stranded somewhere, nor would you want guests who will drive to get lost. A small tip: have the map to the reception printed at the back of the invitation. This will be handy in times of emergency.
  5. Check the transportation company in person. Talk to a personnel at their office and if possible, do a visual check of the car to be used. It’s easy to make reservation online or via phone, but you may miss small details like the exterior or interior of the car. Big surprises on the wedding day are not that welcome.
  6. Always allot extra time for traffic and other emergencies along the way. Adding extra minutes will cover these types of emergencies if they arise.
  7. Rent the car for the whole day instead of just mere hours. This may seem more expensive, but it’s still the practical thing to do since you don’t know if the wedding and reception will start or end at the time it’s supposed to.  So save yourself from the hassle of worrying if you already exceeded the time by renting it the whole day.
  8. Be a princess for the day and ask for a few luxuries, you are the bride and should be treated as such. Extras like relaxing music, glass of champagne or chauffeur can’t hurt.
  9. Check if the company allows extra trimmings on the car before you decide on your own. Talk to them about safety in driving too. Big trimmings might earn a big no for road safety reasons.
  10. Check the parking space of the chapel, church or reception. Make sure that there is enough space for the actual wedding day.

Finally, just before the wedding date check that everything is in order and you’re on your way to the big day!