Wedding Stress Relief – Planning A Wedding And Feeling Stressed?

Weddings are wonderful moments. Some of us have been invited to these joyous occasions. A few perhaps have participated in a wedding ceremony. However, we don’t know exactly what it feels like to tie the knot until the moment comes when one exchanges wedding vows with someone. We all know that wedding is certainly a memorable and happy moment for the couple.

The fact is, all the preparation leading to this happy occasion cause great amount of stress and anxiety to the soon-to-be husband and wife.  Planning a wedding can be really stressful. Pressure mounts as you and your partner prepares the wedding details and important things needed to achieve the desired outcome, and the resulting anxiety and stress can overwhelm what is supposed to be a wonderful time in your life.  You want to arrive at your wedding with that positively radiant glow on your face. But, how do you reduce wedding stress? While it is common to feel stressed during the wedding preparations, here are some easy ways to manage and lessen wedding stress:

Treat yourself right

Don’t let the wedding planning process take all your time… especially your free time. Our body has limitations. Have you ever tried going for a morning run with just a few hours of sleep the night before? This principle applies to wedding planning as well. A rested body is a rested mind. Allowing yourself some time to relax and rejuvenate will not only help beat the wedding stress, it will also help make your wedding preparation more efficient. You can spend your free time doing activities that you enjoy before allowing the wedding preparation take your time. What activities do you enjoy doing on your free time? Reading? Exercising? Shopping? Keep them in your routine. Do not let those fun activities slip. Even if you spend a few hours a week on those activities – it will make you feel better.

Go to a spa

Actively being touched can help in relieving stress. The power of getting a massage can greatly calm nerves and reduce the stress of a bride or groom. To make the process even fun, ask your bridesmaids to join you for a spa. You can also get a Friday massage, manicure or pedicure, or even request a scalp massage during your haircut. These are all great ways to rejuvenate yourself, thus allowing you to keep on planning on your wedding without the worries.

Make time with friend and loved ones

When was the last time you talked (NOT about your wedding plans) with your best friend or a family member? Has it been weeks or months? Losing contact with friends and loved ones is easy when you are really busy. Make some time to reconnect with them, ask them about their lives. Keep them updated on your wedding preparations – but it is not just the wedding planning you want to talk with them, talk about other aspects of your life. For a busy person like you, reconnecting with people you care about, is indeed a great stress buster.

Spread wedding-related tasks to others

There are a lot of things to prepare for the wedding. Think about all the details and things you need for your wedding, not to mention your daily responsibilities at home and work. The wedding preparation is definitely not a one woman show. It is best to determine the tasks that you can and cannot handle. From there, you can ask your family and friends to help manage other wedding-related tasks. Spread the work, reduce stress.

Eat stress-busting foods

Eating the right foods can help in reducing stress. Whole grains and vegetables are great aid in lowering stress. Avoid oily foods. Do not drink too much coffee and other caffeinated drinks. Get a cup of chamomile tea, a great herbal stress reliever.

Spend quality time with him

During the wedding planning process, it’s sadly ironic that couples often struggle to find quality time together. We all know that every wedding comprises a lot of stress-inducing small details, and if you pay too much attention to these little details, it can easily divert your attention away from what is important… your relationship now. Remember, the love you and your fiancé share is the reason for the big party. The best way to start marriage on the right track is to spend quality time together. Building a life together as one should always be a top priority. Go out and enjoy romantic evenings together, talk about your relationship and your life after the wedding day.

As you focus on what is important, remember not to lose focus on yourself so when the time comes to sit at the altar you are positively radiant. Keeping this in mind will help you reduce wedding stress and enjoy every moment passing by until the day you say “I do.”