Wedding Music and Entertainment on a Budget

Wedding without music is like food with no seasoning. It is extremely dull and boring. But sometimes, musical entertainment can be very expensive and can cause quite a strain in the budget for your dream wedding. That was then. These days, getting fun and engaging musical entertainment need not be super expensive. There are a lot to choose from to suit every budget. That is, if you can find a good deal.

  • Please DJ, “Play my song!” –  These days, DJ’s are very versatile; they do not only play your music. They keep the party alive by engaging your guests to dance, sing and have fun. Tip to save, before choosing a DJ, write down a list of songs you want to be played. And rather than choosing really popular DJ’s, hire someone who’s had experience. Popular DJ’s are really expensive.
  • Check out local restaurants and lounges for wedding venues with great music. You can save on getting professional musicians on your day if you find a great one. Of course, there may be a little added cost, but still you can probably save more than getting a professional to do the job.
  • If you choose to hire professional musicians, choose off peak season where rates can go lower compared to peak months. Avoid months like June, which is a popular month for weddings and October through March.
  • Ask you friends and check the Social media. Chances are someone knows a singer, band or DJ that charges reasonably. Try to check ones with good ratings and feedback too.
  •  Check with a local school and cultural associations and see if you can get discounts when booking for singers, hosts, dance troupes or musicians for your wedding. They may lack in experience but you could find a hidden gem.
  • Wedding planners have access to a lot of suppliers, and that includes professional musicians. Instead of including it in the package, ask if she can recommend you a good and budget friendly entertainment provider.
  • For extremely a penny pinching couple, a good alternative is to ask among your friends and relatives if someone is a good singer or knows someone who can do the music for wedding. They can give you a discount, and if you’re extremely lucky they can provide it to you for free.
  • Getting a good host for the party is also part of providing entertainment for the guests. Instead of hiring a professional host, give the honor to your most engaging friends. A relative can also be given the task. Isn’t it much more intimate to have someone who knows you and probably your relatives and friends act as hosts?
  • Book the musician for a certain period, but avoid any extension at all cost.  Instead, for the remainder of the party, play a set of music that you and your groom has previously chosen. Make it as eclectic as possible to surprise and delight your wedding guests.

Music is part of everyone’s life. A wedding is made much more memorable when music and laughter are shared with close friends and loved ones.  Beautiful melody will make your wedding a day to remember.