Wedding Industry

Wedding Industry: Essential Lessons a Bride Can Learn from Them

It is every little girl’s dream to find and wed the “Prince” in her fairytale story. It is every woman’s dream to plan an unforgettable wedding day. It is, after all, the most important day that marks the beginning of her new life. But planning the perfect wedding can also become burdensome as the day approaches. The stress as “The Day” approaches only increases especially when things don’t seem to go along as the bride planned it to be. Ill-fitting gowns, a zit on the bride’s face on day of the wedding itself, cake not arriving on time are just some of the possible things that can happen. It is then up to the couple, especially the bride to find out about the wedding industry to achieve that dream wedding.

10 Simple Tips to Follow

1.) Research the best providers – wedding cake, gown, venue, caterers, wedding favors and others before deciding on one. It must fit your budget and they must be capable of meeting your expectations. Beware of shady service providers that will promise you one thing at very low price and they may announce later that have gone of business. What’s worse is if they suddenly disappear with your money. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is!

2.) Get an inspiration board, but always remember that it is your wedding day. It does not have to be an exact copy of someone else’s. It’s very tempting to copy, especially if we don’t want to be bothered with every detail. If this becomes the case, ask the help of your bridesmaids. They might have a few good ideas of their own.

3.) Transparency is the best policy. Make sure that your vendors don’t add unreasonable charges for something extra that might cost you more than the agreed price. They will probably ask to add an extra service but make sure you know how much it would cost you before agreeing.

4.) In choosing a caterer, make sure that the agreed price is already inclusive of tax and tip. Some caterers and restaurants conveniently forget to tell this to the bride and as such, it may come off as unpleasant surprise when they get the bill.

5.) It’s a common knowledge that partnerships can exist in many businesses. This is also the same in the wedding industry. For examples, some venues will only allow certain caterers and this might cause you more! Some of them can be a total rip-off, so a bride must choose a venue that allows you certain degree of flexibility in choosing the caterers, musicians and photographers to use on the day.

6.) If you think you are the only person getting married on that day, you may want to think again. Make sure that a day before the wedding, you coordinate or have someone coordinate the place and restaurant to make sure they haven’t booked another couple. I’ve seen a friend’s wedding wherein guests had to wait for the reception because the couple who had the same reception location extended their time a little.

7.) Do an ocular inspection of the reception or taste test for the caterer. Some reviews may actually be veiled as paid advertisement.

8.) Do not overspend on little things like centerpiece for example. Focus on more important things like the wedding gown, caterer and venue for example.

9.) Baby, my eye caught the bling on you. Beware of vendors that quote you a high price if they think you have the money and snob you when they think you don’t. It’s all about appearances for some.

10.)  As with all your other vendors, test that your photographers and wedding singers are good enough for the budget that you had in mind. Some of them may have no experience, but artistry can make up for the lack of it.

Finally, a wedding that last for a last time does not rely on how much you’ve spent as a couple but rather to the memories you made on that day with your closest friends and family. So focus on making memories and enjoy your day!