Wearing the Right Wedding Attire to Your Friend’s Wedding

Got invited to a wedding? So what are you going to wear? Well, the wedding couple has spent many hours just to find the perfect attire. So, why not give the same effort  and find an appropriate wear? The problem for guests though, is that they sometimes feel at a lost when it comes to the right attire. Most would ask what the right outfit is and how would they find the right one without focusing too much attention on them. If you are going to attend a beach wedding, you may be attending a casual affair. But, still you will have to plan your outfit so that you will not upstage the bride.

To know what you are going to wear, first look at your invitation. The wedding invitation itself would tell you about the formality of the occasion you will be attending.

Types of  Event

White Tie: if the invitation says, white tie, then you are up for glamour and style. Think of the Oscars’ red carpet and you will get an idea of what you need to wear. Guys wear tuxedos, a black jacket with tails and even gloves for dancing. Gals wear a full-length, formal gown with glamorous makeup and dramatic jewelry.

Black Tie: similar to a white tie event, the wedding is set in a formal tone. So expect to also wear a long evening gown, but make certain that you ask the bride or the wedding party about the length of the dress. Guys can wear a tuxedo and the right ensembles that goes with it.

Black Tie Optional: an optional black tie event suggest that the wedding is formal, but you have the option to wear a dressy suit or a formal cocktail-length dress. Guys can still wear a tuxedo, but can also wear a formal dark suit and tie.

Semiformal: choose an outfit that will go well between formal and casual. The choice of clothes would still depend on the time and month of the event. You can wear a cocktail dress or a dressy skirt and top while he can wear a suit and tie.

Casual: with the word itself saying casual, means you can wear pretty much anything. But still, jeans, shorts, and tank tops are out of the question. An appropriate wear for guys could be button-down shirt or polo. You can wear a summer sundress or a skirt that matches a great blouse.

What not to Wear

Do not wear white. There is nothing wrong with wearing white, but as part of our wedding etiquette, we want to make the bride to be the main attraction, and wearing white may take that away from her. Although this rule has relaxed a little and guests can wear a printed dress with a white background or some cream colored clothing. However, it is still better to be safe than sorry so better choose a safer color.

Do not wear black. Avoid wearing nearly anything dark especially during the marriage ceremony. This is a time of celebration and not a time of mourning.

Do not wear jeans. No matter how casual the wedding is, wearing jeans is a real turnoff during a wedding. It shows a sense of unpreparedness and impoliteness to the couple who invited them.

Do not wear anything that is too revealing. You know you are sexy already, but this is not the time to reveal that to the other guests. Wear those clothes in other occasions and not at weddings.

Do not wear anything torn, with holes or stains. And, you know why you should not wear it! Unless you think you are a crazy artist and you don’t care what others think of you, then do so.