10 Inspiring Tips to Giving Unique Wedding Favors

Creative and unique wedding favors can make a lasting impression. Wondering of a special way to make them unforgettable? Here are 10 inspiring tips to giving impressive wedding favors.

1. What is special to you?

Well, why not look at your own story and how you can make it personal. For instance, if you and you fiancé met because one day you were walking your dog out on the park and he bravely introduced himself, and the rest was history. Why not let your guests know about that? You could find dog theme favors or any type of favors that are related to trees, birds or whatever that will remind you of that special day.

2. Make your guests be the star.

A great way to highlight your guests is by giving them something they will buzz about even after the wedding is done. Search for funny wedding favors and for sure, everyone will have a great time.

3. What is the wedding theme?

This is the most common way brides search for the right favors since this is very easy and the favor choices are endless. If you are having a rustic wedding theme why not give personalized strawberry jams, mine metal watering cans, rustic renaissance burlap favor bag, or antique bottle openers. If you are going to have a beach wedding you can go for some flip-flop bottle openers, starfish wine stopper, shell-covered photo frame, and so on.

4. Show your skills.

Nothing beats a favor that is given through hard work and effort and this is what DIY favors can do for you. Pull on your talents and crafting skills and create favors from scratch. There are so many great gifts that you, your family, and friends can do together such as baking cookies or cupcakes to even creating soaps. It is totally hard to resist receiving such great gifts made of love and handled with effort.

5. Top it up with more.

A real crowd pleaser is if you could surprise your guests with more than just one favor. For instance, if you are choosing edible favors, why not include more than one type of edible sweets? Packed in a classy jar, put candies, mints, chocolates, and other chosen sweets on top of each other. If you love whiskey, how about wrapping up whiskey stones, a Maker’s mark nip and a whiskey-flavored caramel.

6. Choose quality over quantity.

Brides naturally consider their budget when thinking of the right favor. However, favors that are way cheaper may end up not being used at all. Why not spend more and buy less if you want to save more. Better choose a favor that guests can enjoy together like allotting one slightly more expensive favor to each couple.

7. Have fun with the packaging.

It is actually all about great packaging. Guests will naturally love to receive gifts that are beautifully created. Most would think, if the packaging looks great, the content would be far better. Wrap your favors with beautiful fabrics, tie with colorful ribbons, and finish with creative gift tags to complete the presentation.

8. Making it special for your out-of-town guests.

Your out-of-town guests travelled far just to reach your wedding, so why not give them favors that they will not forget. Allocate a special budget just for them. If you are going to have a beach wedding, give your guests beach bags stuffed with personalized towels and other stuff that they can use during their stay.

9. How about donating instead?

Your guests will understand if you choose to donate your funds to a charitable organization of your choice. However, it would still do you better if you would explain that a donation has been made on their behalf. Ask your stationer to create cards about the donation. Some of the most popular choices to donate are the National Arbor Day Foundation, the World Wildlife Foundation, and the Red Cross, and the American Cancer society.

10. Present them well.

Giving your gifts away is not just about choosing the right favors and packaging them well. It is also about presentation. Make your guests excited to see your favors and they will be excited to get one for themselves. Let some of your usherettes pass out favors placed on silver trays towards the end of dinner, or arrange them artfully on a table near the guests exit. You could also ask the servers to leave a favor at the guest’s table right around the cake-cutting. Making sure that your wedding favors are visible will let guests see them and not leave them behind.