Unique Wedding Themes

Traditional vs. Unique Wedding Themes

Deciding on a wedding theme is perhaps a mountain that needs to be passed on the first stage of every wedding planning. At last, you’ve decided to get married! But wait; what would the wedding theme be? Where do we get supplies? Who do we contact? What do we need to plan? All these questions will be answered at a right time, but the most important question that begs an answer is what the wedding theme would be. Everything in wedding planning lies in the wedding theme as it sets up the tone for the entire once in a lifetime event.

Basically, the entire process of planning a wedding is in the decided theme. A formal wedding wouldn’t be formal if it weren’t planned as such. From the wedding invitations to the menu, it’s all planned with the theme as the background context. That’s just how important wedding themes are. If you haven’t decided on one yet, we have here some helpful guides on wedding themes to help you get on your way.

  • Nothing beats traditional weddings. It’s the most eminent solution in wedding theme dilemmas. It’s classy, formal, and very elegant. Men in suits and women in elegant dresses, most of the time in noir, are what most weddings opt to. Traditional wedding themes like elegant casual, formal, church weddings, garden or beach weddings are not bad, actually. In fact, it’s the simplicity in these traditional themes that make them a hit to most wedding planners. Although very common in some areas, they can be very memorable experience for everybody.
  • Go for unique wedding themes. The opposite of traditional suit weddings are weddings with creative concepts.  They are thought out well as they are out-of-the-box concepts to start with. The wedding design and dresses here are not necessarily in formal wear. Luau is a creative concept wedding, and you’re entitled to wear Hawaiian-inspired beach clothes. If you want a period-inspired wedding, have them wear the clothes of that period (i.e. Victorian Wedding). More than being just unique, the guests would certainly remember your wedding because of these unique creative concepts and the lengths needed to achieve such.
  • Look for both of your personal interests. A good starting point in looking for a wedding theme is to know where both of your interests lie. Start with music. If both of you have the same taste in music, you now have a wedding soundtrack! But can you turn it into a wedding theme? Metalhead couples, for instance, can go all metal on their wedding. It’s creative and unique, thus memorable. Couples who love 70’s funky music or Baroque classical music can also apply themes based on the time period as well.

If not music, then try movies or any media you both like. Many Star Wars fans have treaded down this path and have married with The Force. If both of you love The Simpsons, then you can ask your flower girl to dress like Lisa, or your ring bearer to dress like Bart. It’s more exciting when you choose these very creative and interesting concepts as both of you work together to realize a common interest to life.

Traditional weddings are still in demand these days. As we’ve said, nothing beats traditional weddings. They would forever be elegant and classy, and many people like to be married that way. However, creative wedding concepts are not only unique, but if they collide with both of your interests, it can make wedding planning more detailed and exciting. Just remember that a wedding must basically have a ceremony and a reception. The rest is up to your imagination. Play on the guest seating or tweak the menu. The most important thing is to have fun!