Top 5 Tips in Negotiating Smartly with Your Wedding Vendors

A beautiful wedding is possible when a bride gets the best possible wedding vendors. But does it always come with a high price tag? A lot of brides may think so, but this is not always the case. Sourcing out for wedding vendors is not easy, but a bride can smartly negotiate with them and still get the best value for their service.

Many brides fall prey to scheming wedding vendors who view them with dollar detecting eyes to see their worth, and if they pass as “affluent”, they tend to charge higher than the usual rate. A smart bride must then remember a few tips on how to negotiate with vendors without compromising their budget and quality of the services.

1. Variety is the key. The most common pitfall for brides is eagerly negotiating with one vendor without checking market. You must do some research before you negotiate. Join wedding forums and websites, attend wedding expos and ask some friends. Do not commit until you are sure that you are getting a reasonable price for a particular service.

2. Keep a low profile.  Like it or not, wedding vendors will assess your net worth with the way you dress, the car you drive and if you obviously reek of “money”, they will give you the best service along with the best tag price. Never tell them how much you can afford, wait until you get an offer so you have room to bargain or negotiate.

3. Take your time. Time pressure is a marketing strategy that sales people usually employ and a person can easily fall for this trap. A bride should be on the lookout for such pitfalls, that is “this offer is valid for a limited time” trap. When you have doubts, there are so many other vendors who can deliver the same or even better service. Do not be afraid to move to the next vendor.

4. Be polite but firm. Being nice has its advantages, but it can also be a downfall in a bride’s successful negotiation with a wedding vendor. Try to assess if the vendor is too pushy or too eager to please. Either way, be firm and clear about your expectations, but nicely convey it. This will make them take you seriously and value you as the bride-customer.

5. Encourage competition. The main key to negotiation is competition with other vendors. When you bring them what others have offered, they will counter offer it by providing a lower price and better service. Remember that monopoly makes prices go higher, and that signals game over for the bride.  But if a vendor knows the deal can be snatched away by another vendor, the urge to give a more tempting offer keeps the ball rolling.

A smart bride is always on the lookout for good deals and thus, the need to negotiate smartly with wedding vendors does not mean that she is a cheapskate. It only means that she is smart enough to know that weddings can be made memorable without a very high price tag.