The Importance of Wedding Program Wording

If you have a wedding at home, you cannot deny the importance of having a wedding program wording. At the same time, you don’t have to follow a rule of thumb in weddings. Wedding program wording thus present before your guests your persona i.e. how organized you have been and how you care for your guests also. Did you know that in earlier days wedding programs were implemented to explain the order and rituals of the ceremony, but today the trend has changed and focus has been on the couple’s individual tastes and creativity?

The wedding program wording besides being a record of wedding, also help guests to be a part of the wedding ceremony. Wedding programs wording have thus been touted as an ideal icebreaker and can be labelled as tone-setters for a wedding. They are therefore, sine-qua-non in every nuptial. You will have to invest substantial time and money in preparing wedding program wording in order to win the heart of your guests so that they can cherish it in the times to come. As thoughtful and informative programs will help and guide your guests to remain engaged and they can expect what’s going to happen in the wedding and who’s who in the wedding. Thus through wedding program wedding, guests can simply sit back and relax as each and every situation unfolds before them constructively. All in all you have to express yourself exquisitely which will reveal the real you.

Why you need a wedding program wording at first step?

  • Through wedding program wording you showcase your religion, faith and tradition to those guests who have another faith or culture.
  • If you have a vast list of guests in the wedding party, the program provides more detail about the family of organizers, so that they could not get confused. Consequently while selecting wording for the wedding program, you should be clear in your mind regarding what has to be written.
  • Your wedding program wording also emphasizes the exact timings of the ceremony, so that guests come prepared for the same. For example, if you have a long ceremony, the guests will feel comfortable otherwise they will look perplexed as to when the ceremony would end.

Essential elements required in a wedding program

There are several essential elements without which your wedding program will not look professional:

The Top Cover or Introduction

The cover of wedding program wording will consist of wedding day, date, names of bride and groom. Besides mentioning the exact location, map, time, picture or design element like flower or scroll. You will come across wide array of choices regarding choosing the paper which would reflect the true spirit of your relationship or theme of the wedding. You will have to make it unique at all cost.

The ceremony order or a list of events

If you have just included a cute photo or design in the front or cover page by just mentioning the name of bride and groom only, you must include all the detailed information like wedding day, date and time of the ceremony, its venue, city and state and time of marriage inside the pages.

Other things which you should mention in order of events include music, greetings, readings, explanations, poem, exchange of vows, unity candle ceremony, including blessings and exchange of ring, pronouncement of marriage, nuptial prayer, presentation of couple, and other events you would have finalized. Lastly, ensure list of events have been depicted according to the order they will happen.

The Wedding Party

In this component you have to mention about the officiant, name of the parents of bride and groom, name of grandparents and stepparents, maid of honor, Best Man, Bridesmaids, groomsmen, readers according to your family circle.

Some other things which you may mention in your wedding program

  • According to the taste of the couple, wedding program may comprise, audience participation in different parts of ceremony like communion, singing, affirmation of the marriage, offering of the peace, kneeling or standing.
  • You can also include a program like “Memorials”, on this occasion memorial candle is lit in honor of those who are no longer with the family.
  • The wedding program also encompasses short sentences about bridesmaids and groomsmen, depicting as to why they are important and distinctive.
  • You should also mention about the place of reception and why you chose the location of wedding.
  • The program may also contain Quotation or poems about love, companion and marriage.
  • You should also incorporate details about reception information and its venue.

Note of appreciation

Lastly, do include a note of appreciation in wedding program. For example, you can write “We are sincerely grateful having share this day with you” or a short note “Thank you for being here today”.