The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2014

2014 weddings are in for a unique surprise as brides and grooms use the influences of technology and super-charged guests sharing every detail of the wedding right away to their friends and families. We will also be seeing a growing number of couples creating unplugged weddings, and cool inspirations of over-the-top flowers and bright pops of colors mystifying weddings.

Couples will still take their cues from celebrities and from the fashion runways. Expect to have an even bigger and more blown out weddings such as an all-out, all-nighter wedding parties, photo booths and temporary tattoo favors. But, expect to find couples still doing their own inspirations. They will still create weddings that are true to their style and to how they are.

Top Trends for 2014

Rustic and Natural

Woodland weddings capture this year’s rustic and natural look. Couples will create sophisticated, glam accents that are similar to the wedding of Sean Parker and Kate Bosworth. Expect branchy and green centrepieces with many lush flowers and a pop of sparkle. Brides will put on long wedding veils and dresses with ethereal lace and floral embellishments. For their prints, they may use a fun animal motif for their invites, ceremony programs, and even for the escort cards.

Unplugged Weddings

Many couples are tired of the idea of their guests being attached to their phones throughout the ceremony and reception that they do not actually see and appreciate the whole event. Many couples who are tired of the tech world are opting for unplugged weddings. These couples will provide a phone check before guests can proceed at their wedding, others add a note on their wedding website or ceremony programs and ask guests to refrain from taking photos or videos, or posting their pictures on Instagram or other social media.

#SuperCharged Wedding Guests

This is totally different from unplugged weddings. There are also a lot of couples who have embraced the idea of guests who want to capture their event, thus allowing them to even create a custom hashtag for the day. Chic couples will even ensure that their guests’ phones stay charged all night by providing charging stations at the reception.

All-Nighter Weddings

A lot of couples love to party and they do not want to end their wedding right away. This is where an all-nighter weddings become an extraordinary event. Once the reception ends, the couple will keep the fun going by changing the style and vibe of the wedding and moving it into another room, or even in another venue. Couples can create a completely different decor with couture late-night comfort food bites and custom drink pairings. If you are also going to plan an all-nighter make sure to arrange transportation for the guests so that none of the guests drive home afterwards especially if most of them had a drink.

Sparkle on the Neckline

While wedding dresses that are made popular on runways these days, are full of simple and classic styles, wedding jewelries are creating sparkle. From sheer illusion necklines with small beading to bigger embroidered rhinestones and crystals like Lake Bell and Christina Ricci’s wedding dresses. Most wedding photos will concentrate from the waist up, which is why sparkly or unique details will be captured on the neckline or around the waist of the dress.

Formal Portraiture

Forget about the trash-the-dress sessions, where brides spend the day with their photographer and videographer trashing their wedding gown in a pure fun shots. The counter-revolution to this, and is going back in style again is the formal portraiture. This Southern bridal portrait style is going mainstream and is also becoming popular for bridal party portraits and family shots as well.

Bright Hues are Back

We are not talking about a rainbow of different bright hues, but a color selection that has a neutral, muted palette, such as whites, ivories and metallic gold. Add to the color scheme are a bold color poppy red, tangerine or indigo blue.

Upgrades on Flowers

Expect oversized cascade bridal bouquets and detailed flower creations that are placed over the dance floor. Flowers are being used as a main display in decors more than ever before and are being used as elaborate displays over tables, ceremony arches, decking out cake canopies, displaying escort cards and seating arrangements on a fresh flower wall, and can even be used as a confetti cannon shooting rose petals once the couple finally do their grand exit.

Evolution of Photo Booths

Although photo booths are nothing new to weddings, they have also seen a lot of changes from how they were before. We’ve seen them from vintage photo booths with monogrammed photo strips made as favors to point-and-shoot booths that shows guests’ photos in real-time while they were dancing on the dance floor. A new craze these days, is the slow-motion video booth that uses a special infrared camera where a videographer creates an amazing keepsake for guests to take.

Here Comes the ‘90s

From the ready-to-wear fashion runways to home designs trends, to Billboards “The Hot 100” music list, the ‘90s are here and they will be at weddings. The ‘90s were the party decade, so it is not so surprising to see that they are making a comeback. Their presence will include temporary tattoo wedding favors, hip hop music groups and boy bands, or even break dancer to entertain the guests.