Suggestions to Making a Small Intimate Wedding Memorable

While we live in a time where big weddings are popular, there are those who realize that the most important day of their lives does not have to be overpriced. Those who choose to create a small wedding knows the reason behind marriage is love, and not about competing about who can throw an expensive wedding than others. Whether engaged couples finally came to their senses or they just want to focus more on the real meaning of their nuptial, it is no surprise that weddings are finally being slimmed down tremendously.

If you are going to have a small, intimate wedding, there is a chance that some friends and family may not understand why they are not included in the guest list. But, if you can plan this carefully, you may convince them that your desire is to just be happy on your special day. Here are a few ideas on how to handle the uninvited:

1. Announce that you are going to have a small wedding ahead of time. Let your family and friends know that you want to save money to buy that new house you have been dreaming for a long time or you just purely want to save money to spend for your future. This way they can spread the word of your intention to have a small wedding. The earlier you can have the word spread, the better it would be for everyone not to be surprised if they did not get an invitation.

2. Be firm. While your family especially, may try to convince you about inviting a relative you haven’t seen since kindergarten or your close friend who wants his new date to tag along, better be firm about your decision about the limited number of invites. This may be a bit tricky mostly if your dad insists on just paying for the additional plates for his colleagues. It is your wedding and your decision. Convince them that adding more guests would mean changing  the venue, changing the number of tables and so much more.

3. If you have the extra cash, invite those who did not receive an invitation to an informal reception at a later date. This is another option that you can do to make everyone happy. And, if you are going to have a destination wedding, inviting those who couldn’t come with you to the trip will make everyone happy. Just keep it simple and invite those who really wished to be with you, but couldn’t. Commonly, you can make a large, casual party a month or so after the wedding. This means paying for another event, but this could be fun especially with a big crowd gathered in a more relaxed setting. You can also invite everyone to a housewarming party, once you have moved to your new home.

Now that you have made everyone know about your plans, get to know how you can plan your intimate event. Remember that planning a wedding, whether it is big or small would still require time and proper planning. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1. Prepare a Budget. Like any type of event, knowing how much you will spend is essential. Discuss this with the groom as well. If you and your family are the traditional type, better start planning ahead on the cost that your parents would contribute. If you and the groom are going to take charge and will not take financial assistance from both parents, then better get your calculators ready and start planning.

2. Estimate the Guest List. Better get started on whom would be included in your guest list. When you say, you are going to have a small wedding, this means that you are referring to the number of guests. For some,  small means under 200 (although this is not small at all). Others think 100 guests is small. However, for most couples, a small, intimate wedding means inviting 30 to 50 guests, which just consist of their family and very close friends.

3. Find a Venue. There are so many great options for an intimate wedding. You may have a backyard wedding (to save more on the cost), at the park, in a restaurant, or you could splurge a little and have a destination wedding.

About destination weddings. While some may think that destination weddings cost a lot, most would be amaze that they are not. Just find a venue suitable to your budget and you can have a small intimate wedding with just those who are important to you. You can go to a new place where the festivities will last to three to four days of swimming, trekking, boating, fishing, skiing, brunching and loafing. Don’t worry because you are not going to pay for your guests’ travel arrangements. Just be certain to tell your guests about your plans many months in advance so that they can also get discounts on their travel plans.

4. Plan it Carefully. Not just because you are going to have a small wedding, you won’t care about the details. Since you are going to have a small wedding, it is more likely that your guests will notice everything. If you can get the help of a wedding planner, the better. It would be difficult to hide in a smaller crowd even if you want to.

5. Entertain Them. With only just a couple of people in the scene, it is easier to have everyone participate. Depending on how small your guest list, you can have them get involved with the ceremony by allowing them to read a line or a prayer at the ceremony. At the reception, why not hire a pianist and have him ready some lyrics of a couple of known hits. Then, ask guests to sing a song for you. This would be a sure hit to everyone.

While there are also some disadvantages to having an intimate event such as not being able to share it with the whole world, having a small wedding however, could also mean more quality time with those people you really care and love. At the end of the day, it is the lasting memory of those you were with that really counts.