Honeymoon Vacation

Tips for Planning a Perfectly Romantic and Stress-free Honeymoon Vacation

Planning a wedding takes a long time and can quite be stressful. There are so many details to consider until the final day. Honeymoon is all part of the package, and this is the couple’s reward for all the hard work done and stress accumulated during the wedding planning and day. It’s the perfect time not only to celebrate their union, but also to take a break and relax.  But to ensure a stress-free honeymoon vacation, just like the wedding, planning is also needed to ensure that there all unforeseen events are covered.

The Checklist

  • Set a budget for the honeymoon that covers all expenses from food, lodging, recreation, transportation and other fees. When you have a set budget, you can decide where to go and when or if you are able to get discounts on certain seasons.
  • Decide if you want to use a travel agency or do the planning on your own. Some travel agencies give special discounts to newlyweds and some seasonal discounts so be on the lookout for good deals.
  • Plan the honeymoon destination with your groom.  Check for weather information and peak seasons for the places where you will go. If you’re going overseas, check if there are visa requirements.
  • Check if you need to get immunization shots for places you will go, especially if you’re going to exotic places like Southeast Asia, South America and Africa. This is to ensure that you don’t get sick and you will be able to enjoy a worry-free honeymoon.
  • Check hotels, airplane and book early. Advance bookings are always cheaper than when you book near your departure date. This is no brainer. Again check if the hotel has honeymoon package to get special discounts.
  • Make sure that you obtain a good travel insurance, which covers illness and other things. It’s an extra cost but it will help you in an emergency situation.
  • Check all things that you will need: luggage, clothes, sun block and camera are just few examples. Make sure that they are complete, but try to travel lightly. It’s not like you will be away for months. Plan to bring only the most essential things.
  • Make sure to bring an emergency medical kit: cold tablets, band aids, paracetamol, and bug spray are just some examples.
  • Make sure that all your travel documents are complete and create a duplicate for everything. You do not want to be stopped at an airport for not having complete documents.
  • Currency notes are very important, so make sure you to exchange currency before you go. Most airports have exchange service, so you also need to check online if those will be available at your destination.
  • Write down important emergency numbers, especially the embassy number of the country where you will go.

Before The Day

So now the wedding is over, and it is finally time to go on a honeymoon trip. Before you go, you still need to do another check to ensure that everything is going as planned earlier, or at least most of what you have planned.

  • Check the weather report of your destination; make sure that the weather is good before you go. Check for any advisory.
  • The weather is not the only thing to confirm, check for any news as well.
  • Make sure to confirm your reservations: tickets and hotel accommodation under your name and your husband’s.
  • Pack all essential things 2 days before the wedding, making sure you have all the things that you will need for the honeymoon.

And finally the most important part of the checklist is to have fun and not worry after! It’s your reward for all those months of planning.