Choices of Wedding Hairstyles to Create the Best Updo

Nobody knows you better than yourself and while the choices for choosing the right hairstyle are still so many, the decision will still be up to you. However, you will be surprised with the different types of hairdos available to brides, which you could also try to probably use on your wedding day.

What You can Do with Your Hair

40’s Glitz

Create a glamorous look by having your hair stylist make Veronica Lake waves with extra volume. Before blow drying and to maintain the fullness of the hair all night, apply mousse to your towel and dry hair. Then, use a large-barrel curling iron to make that perfect sized curl.

The Debonair

Have loose French braids along the sides, then combine the braids at the nape of the neck in a natural textured chignon.

Classic Style

Pull your hair into a high ponytail, but create tease for that extra volume. Once the right volume is made, bring that hair back and pin at the base of the ponytail. Gently brush the surface of the hair smooth to create that chignon.

Bring on the Waves

To create natural waves, instead of using rollers, ask your stylist to twist and pin your hair into mini buns while still damp. Undo the buns and just finger-comb the hair into long flowing waves once the hair is dry.

Sweetness and Waves

Have your hair stylist create retro finger waves supported by a classy hairpin and in a side chignon.

The Ponytail

This look works well for a day or an evening event. Create a gorgeous high ponytail and lightly hairspray the hair brush to sweep your mane back into a ponytail, thus avoiding flyaway.

Make the Right Decision

Match the gown with the hair. A bride’s hair should complement her gown. Allow the gown to dictate the direction that will fit the hair.

Consider the shape of your face. Certain hairstyles are appealing on faces of a particular shape while other styles may create an unappealing look. Some hairstyle may make your face to look even rounder while other hairdos may make a slenderizing illusion. So ask your stylist about the style that will not make you look fat or goofy.

The Length of Your Hair

For short locks

  • Create the mini barrette. For a twenty something bride, the mini barrette looks like a great choice. Use gel to smooth the front of your hair down, then fasten one or two barrettes in the right places.
  • Use a headband. Ideal for a daytime celebration. Just pull one through your hair and an instant pixie look. But ask your stylist to tease the roots to create a lift.

For long locks

There are so many great choices if your hair is long. The choices above are just some of your great options. Browse through some magazines and the Internet for hairdos that might look good on you, then ask your hairdresser if the styles you found will fit you on your wedding.

Hair Accessories

Veil – There are different types of modern veils like the fascinators, blusher veils, and hats with birdcage veils. These veils work in humid weather and can practically be used in any season while still making brides fashionable. However, when using a veil make certain that it will go well with the hairdo especially if you have plans to take it off after the ceremony.

Headband – This accessory can help achieve that demure look and can be worn either with the hair down or with an up-do. If you are going to have a formal wedding, you can have an up-do and accent your hair with a classy headband. You could also have your hair down with soft curls, and use a stylish headband of your choice.

Hair combs – commonly used to create a classic look, but also used to accessorize a bun, and can be partnered with a wedding veil.

Hairpins – accessorized hairpins are simple accessories on the hair, but they can easily complement wedding gowns in light and dainty fabrics. If your wedding gown is already embellished heavily with beads or crystals, these hairpins can save you from not overdoing your accessories.