Bride’s Ultimate Secret Tool: DIY Wedding Websites

Weddings are expensive and take a lot of planning. A bride can just hire a wedding planner and can be guaranteed that some of the burden of planning and finding suppliers falls into the hands of another person. But with the wedding budget tight as it is, this can be very expensive. In the old times, there were no wedding planners. Everything was done by the bride, her mother, sisters if she has any and friends. With this in mind, daunting as it may sound; a bride can opt to go DIY and still come up with a wedding to remember without the added cost.

DIY wedding websites are created specifically with the bride in mind- to help her plan the perfect wedding. There are many useful and interactive websites that can help the bride plan for her special day without shelling money that is way out of her budget. In these websites, she can gain access to wedding suppliers, communicate with other brides, get fresh ideas, shop and the list just goes on and on.

Here is a list of the top DIY wedding websites and details you need to know:

1. is like a one-stop shop for brides or a candy store that is full of delightful surprise. There are exciting tools that a bride can find very useful:  photo galleries, blog, registry, wedding announcement,  bridal checklist, emailing guests and RSVP, access to bridal shopping stores and so much more! Everything a bride needs, they have it here. Highlight for this website is that brides can actually book vendors, events, honeymoon travel and destinations from the website. The bride should check the ones with discount just by booking on the website. That is huge savings for her.

2. is a DIY wedding website that features a shop, gallery, planning tool and support. The planning tool comes with Budget Tracker which is very handy for the bride to keep track of her expenses versus the set budget. What makes it more exciting and different from the others is a dedicated DIY page which is a treasure cove for everything DIY wedding tutorials- from favors, invitations, wedding trinkets and baubles. 

3. is a dual purpose DIY website that a bride can find very helpful- a wedding planning feature that allows her to oversee every detail of her big day like guests, menu, music, table designation for guests, email blasts to guests and vendors.

4. is another one-stop-shop DIY wedding website. The bride can check for vendors like local bridal shows, songs, travel information, wedding inspiration boards and forums, photos and so much more. What is really useful for brides is that, it is available in applications such as Android, Facebook and iPhone. For a bride on the go, this is good news. She can be out talking to suppliers and checking the venue and if she needs information, she can access it from her smartphone if she has one.

5. is just like the other wedding websites mentioned above. What sets it apart is a section dedicated for the men in the wedding: the groom and his groomsmen.  Wedding website is not just for the bride to enjoy alone, but it can be something that she can share together with her future husband. This is a great time for them to bond together and help each other pick out the details for their wedding.

DIY wedding websites are useful tools for a busy bride who can’t oversee every single detail of her wedding.  Planning, setting a budget, booking a venue, picking out a dress and all the small details can now be done with just a few clicks.