A Guide on What to Wear on your Wedding Day (for the groom)

Most men never require any particular guide on what they must wear. They could easily pick a pair of jeans they’ve been using throughout the week, paired with just about any shirt and still look good. But then your wedding day should never be taken for granted. Or else, you might regrettably stare at your wedding photos, and curse at what you wore, throughout your life.

But before you start rummaging through your closet, and choose the perfect suit/tux and tie here are a few basic reminders:

Choose an attire you are most comfortable with.

If you are wondering why comfort is of utmost importance in what you wear on your wedding day, then think of the most delicious pastry you have ever tasted or seen which you are unable to reach just because your suit doesn’t allow you. Wouldn’t you blame your suit for depriving you of such experience? Make sure to have your suit fitted a week before your wedding to have enough time for adjustments.

Never get discouraged by opinions (especially from your crazy friends)

If you are thinking that you look fabulous on what you wear, never, ever let anyone put you down. Choose to wear something you really like. You should be confident for your big day so looking good not just through the opinion of others but in your eyes, is something you should accomplish.

Iron your suit/tux, polish your shoes, and opt for real ties (clip-ons are really bad idea), and

Never go for cliché


Now we proceed on what to wear. You may choose a formal or a casual look depending on your theme. The question is, what would look perfect for you? Here are some basic tips for a groom’s attire on wedding day.

  • DAY TIME: Semi-formal suits are always a good option, so as with dress pants accentuated with blazers and ties or a simple nice sweater over contrasting ties.
    • Daytime Ceremony Formal: a dark gray cutaway, vest, striped trousers and an ascot.
    • Traditional Daytime Semi-Formal: Regular length black or gray stroller coat along with a nice necktie, striped trousers and vest. Alternatively, dark tuxedo fits well among modern weddings.
  • NIGHT TIME:  For night time ceremonies, a suit is a must.
    • Extremely Formal Night Ceremony:  black tailcoat with a white tie accentuated with white pique accessories.
    • Formal Night Wedding: This only requires a simple black tuxedo with matching accessories.
    • Semi-formal Night Ceremony: Highly recommended to wear anything dark colored tuxedo with black formal trousers.
  • Accessories may be either a tie and cummerbund or a vest and a tie in a color that coordinates with the bridesmaids’ attire.
  • Investing in a nice pair of black Oxfords will give you appropriate footwear for any season or time of day
  • White tie guidelines: worn at night time, black trousers with white suspenders and a white wing-collar shirt.
  • Black tie guidelines: A dramatic and angular peak lapel, an elegant and refined notch lapel or a romantic rounded shawl collar, black pants with a satin stripe down the side and a bow tie or formal necktie in the same fabric as your lapels.

FIGURES should be considered too:

  • Short, slender grooms
  • Short, stocky grooms
  • Tall, husky grooms
  • Tall, slim grooms
  • Tall, slender grooms
  • Tall, husky or muscular grooms should choose single or two-button jackets with a shawl collar.
  • Athletic grooms with extremely broad shoulders and slim waists are a tailoring challenge. The best advice is to go to a reputable formalwear specialist who will carry tuxedos specifically designed to fit this shape.

Above anything else, remember to enjoy your wedding. Never get caught up in the moment and break down. Whatever you decide to wear, it is the importance of the occasion that should bear merits and not the superficial things in life.