50 Great Ways to Create a Unique Wedding

How do you make your wedding stand out? Most of those who commonly attend weddings think that they just came from the same wedding they have been before. The worst part is if your guests feel the same. Before your big day, create a list that will make your wedding not fall into the same unoriginal category. There are so many great ideas that you can do to make your wedding stand out.

Here are 50 great ways to start.

Wedding Details

1. What do you love to do together? Your personal interests can  be used to your advantage. For instance, if you love to read, you can stack some old hardback books on the tables to make stands for the flowers. If you love chocolates, why not use Willy Wonka’s gold tickets and create your invitation?

2. Surprise your out-of-town guests with your own version of “Welcome Packs” where you will put together some of the things that they can do in your area and a simple gift.

3. Display vintage frames of both families’ wedding photos at the ceremony and reception. It will create a start of conversation with guests and will make a lovely decoration.

4. Rather than using a traditional guest book, use something that shows the theme of the day. If you are going to have a beach wedding, why not use oars? If your wedding is a garden wedding, use some pottery. Such type of “guest book” can be used after the wedding and can be a unique display in your home afterwards.

5. Use your favorite book or film and create the theme. You could use the movie Up, Twilight, or Alice in Wonderland.

Wedding Favors

6. Give fancy-dress favors. Silly glasses with stick-on moustaches will make everyone laugh and can be a conversation starter.

7. Create favors that you really love. How about a home-made jam, chocolate truffles or flapjacks? This will make you save money while making your guests remember you more.

8. Make your own. Bake cookies, brew up lemonades and jams together with a personalized wedding label will give that extra spin to it.

9. Give favors that have specific meaning. For instance, horse shoe represents luck and guests who have one will go home even luckier.

10. Instead of giving away favors, donate your budget for favors to a charity that is close to your heart. Charities will often send pin badges and cards for each guest to explain that the money for favors were given to their charity.

Wedding Decorations

11. A cheap and cheerful way to decorate your event is with the use of paper lanterns. Tie in tiny LED lights to create that after dark glow. And, after the wedding, you can always sell them.

12. If your wedding is happening on a farm or in the countryside, use straw bales as seats. You can create a vintage-theme wedding with them once you cover them with old tablecloths.

13. Use fruits instead of flowers as table centerpieces. Paper bags filled with berries, or baskets filled with fruits of wonderful display will make you and your guests want to eat them, or your guests will just take them home as favors.

14. Have an evening wedding and say your vows by candlelight. Follow this by a romantic evening reception.

15. Ribbons and lace can make for a beautiful and unique decoration. Wrap ribbon around candles or use them to decorate the aisle and canapés trays.

Wedding Flowers

16. Ask your florist to make you a crown of flowers instead of carrying a bouquet. This will give you more of a pagan feel and more original especially if you are going to have an outdoor wedding. For your bridesmaids, let them wear corsages instead of bouquets.

17. Use herbs or unusual pot plants to replace flower centerpieces. Guests can even take these centerpieces once the day is done.

18. Choose flowers that are in season so that you can keep the cost down. You could even grow your own blooms if you still have plenty of time and a lot of garden space to grow them.

19. Create a unique wedding bouquet. This can be in a form of butterflies, buttons, papers, flowers made from soda cans, lollipops and more.

20. Maximize the use of your decoration centerpieces by using them for both the ceremony and reception.

Wedding Venues

21. Choose a unique venue. There are so many great venues to choose from. From steam trains to a stylish restaurant that will create an unusual celebration.

22. Have a weekday or a Sunday wedding since these offer lower rates and may let you afford the perfect venue that was not even in your budget before. Don’t worry about your guests because those who truly want to see you get wed will skip work without hesitation.

23. Have a destination wedding if you do not want to invite a lot to your wedding. This will immediately bring down your guest list to those who really matters to you.

24. Give an old school feel to your event by hiring your local village hall. Then, have your family and friends decorate it to further cut cost.

25. Have a winter wedding. Venues and suppliers mostly offer lower rates for off-peak weddings. This will let you save money in a lot of areas and you can invite more guests.

Wedding Entertainment

26. To save more for entertainment, call your local drama academy or art school since they are much cheaper plus they will appreciate the opportunity.

27. Added touches to your event will require allocation of some funds. You can have a chocolate fountain, ice cream tricycle, magician, candy bar, fireworks or a photo booth.

28. Instead of getting a DJ, let your guests choose three to four ‘floor fillers’ that you could put into an iPod playlist. This will allow everyone to have music that they want to hear and everyone will enjoy.

Wedding Food

29. Maximize your cake by having them into your wedding breakfast and serve them as dessert.

30. To save on your bubbly, have your speeches when the champagne or prosecco is flowing.

31. Since dessert tables are always a hit on weddings, have your close friends who are great in baking and would not mind baking some goodies to do some for you. Then, put your own DIY decoration skills to use and present a personal display.

32. Incorporate some of your favorite mid-night snack and serve them to your guests.

33. If you want to cut down on your wedding budget, have a late ceremony followed by an elegant black tie event with cocktails, canapés and bowl food instead of serving a three or four course meal.

Wedding Ceremony

34. If you have little boys who would love to join in the ceremony, give them flags that says “Here Comes the Bride.” Let them walk before you walk down the aisle to make everyone excited about your arrival.

35. If you do not have a traditional aisle, create a circular, snail-shaped one so that everyone can see you. Then, finish your walk in the center of all your friends and family and have your vows said there.

36. If you have kids already, do not leave them behind. Let them be a part of the ceremony since your wedding is not all about you, but for all of you as you become a family.

Wedding Budget

37. Establish a realistic budget early on so that you will not expose yourself to any ideas you cannot afford. Try to reflect on what is most important to you as a couple.

38. If it is possible to borrow or ask family and friends to give some of your needed items, then do not hesitate. You could ask your mom to give you her wedding dress or your uncle to let you use his barn for the reception.

39. Get a wedding planner. Wedding planners can save brides a lot of money since they can easily direct them to venues and vendors, and they will be a great help during the big day.

40. If you have great friends who would love to get involved, give them tasks. Think about the skills that they have and use it to your advantage. Friends with beautiful handwriting, florist skills, great with make-up, and so on, can be really valuable on your big day.

Wedding Stationery

41. Make your own invitations and use your handwriting to address it to your guests. Since hand-written invitations are so rare these days, everyone will feel they are special.

42. Use your engagement shoot for your ‘Save the Date’ cards or table numbers.

43. Get rid of the usual save-the-date cards and create a homemade video and send it to your guests.

For the Groom and Groomsmen

44. Match the groomsmen ties and their socks since this will look great in pictures.

45. Write a message on the soles of the groom’s shoes. This will be very effective for a church wedding, when he kneels down and everyone will see your message.

Wedding Dress and Accessories

46. Choose shoes that can match the theme of the wedding. Don’t just stick to the traditional white. Avoid buying wedding shoes since they are more expensive.

47. If you are looking for a simple gown, find a white dress. You can also search online for second-hand dresses that will match your style.

48. If you are creative and know how to design dresses, buy a cheap white dress and customize it yourself.

49. Stick lucky pennies to the soles of your shoes.

50. Choose a different color for your wedding dress if you are brave enough. The trend this year, are soft blush and pastel shades so you can choose them and have a truly unique wedding.