4 Different Types of Menu at the Wedding Reception

Searching for the right menu that will suit your location and budget? Here are the four common choices of wedding reception menu that you can choose from:

Sit-Down Dinner

Sit-down dinners are made for couples who are celebrating their union with a catering facility, club, ballroom, as well as those who love wines. This type of reception is perfect for couples who want their guests to feel relaxed as they are served with food on their own table. This will be followed by a cocktail hour so guests can mingle. However, couples who do not want to spend more time in eating and not dancing should avoid this type of event.

Some couples assume that seated dinners are more expensive than buffet dinners. But, often they are not since caterers know exactly how much food to order and the quantity that they should prepare. With buffet dinners, couple will have to accommodate multiple trippers while sit-down dinners have already set the quantity to serve, thus limiting the food serving.


Buffets are right for couples who want to serve several entrees. Creating this style of reception is perfect for any time of the day. You can have it on a day wedding and serve muffins and fruit platters. However, a challenge for those who are going to serve this is that lines can easily form especially if the wedding has a lot of guests. Typically, buffets also has a shelf life that last 2 to 2 ½ hours. Ask the wait staff on how long the food will sit out and know how they will direct the buffet traffic.

Cocktail party

Cocktail party is suitable for couples who are on a tight budget. Have hors d’oeuvres since this will cost less than having a sit-down meal. Just have the party under three hours. If you exceed more than this, the cost between a sit-down party and a cocktail party would just be the same. This type of event is also suitable for couples who are inviting around 300 guests and second-time-rounders. The only disadvantage to having this type of reception is that it skips the introduction of the couple, first dances, and dances with parents. So brides who are seeking the spotlight may not have what she wants. The best time to have a cocktail party is at 8 p.m. so make sure your guests know that they will have to eat dinner before going to your event.

Casual Barbecue

If you are going to have a small wedding and would just want to invite your close family and friends, then having a casual barbecue will suffice. A casual barbecue type of reception is made informal, but intimate as only those who really matters will be there. This event, however, is not suitable for brides who love to control everything. The event is casual, so expect a friend grilling and burning some of those burgers. You could hire a caterer, but if you are going to do it in your home, space would be an issue, unless you have a big backyard to host this event. When asking for a caterer, ask if they are going to bring in a cook tent, even though your kitchen is big enough since your kitchen may not be suitable to catering standards.