20 Great Ways To Have Lasting Engagement Photos

Well, now that you got the ring, what’s the next step? It is pretty obvious right? You are now going to prep up the most amazing engagement photo shoot that you and your hubby could make. But, where will you have them? Engagement photos are getting popular these days since they can be easily presented to guests during the wedding. They will also tell your love story, how you started out, your unique style as a couple, what you love to do together, what brings you closer together, and more.

Your engagement photos will capture more of those natural moments, which you won’t find when you finally wear your wedding dress and the groom wearing his suit. Engagement sessions mostly capture the “every day you” that makes couple shine more. You will be allowed to be in your own personal style of clothing, doing your favorite hobby together, and just visit a favorite hang-out you had when you were still dating. The ideas are endless when it comes to engagement photos. But, to help you start your plans, here are some fun ways for great engagement photos.

1. Set Sail. Go sailing with your beau and make it romantic with a bottle of champagne opened on a sunset. Anything captured on water can be majestic added by great photographers that can capture the essence of the moment.

2. Play with Snow. Capture the day having a snowball fight, riding down a hill on a sled, or just building a snowman. Finish the day with a lot of snuggling with a fireplace at the background while drinking hot cocoa.

3. Go Fishing. If fishing interests you, why not go out on a lake, shore, beach, pier or stream and fish together. With some happy moments together  and some great laughs, your day will be filled with fun and memorable moments.

4. Go on a Trail. Go on a trail that both of you love to take. This place can have a waterfall, breathtaking view at the peak, or a great view of the ocean, the choices are endless. With nature at your side, nothing can go wrong.

5. Have a Romantic Stargazing Night. Stargaze together in a truck bed, in a tent, or a house deck. With the moon and stars on the background, your night will end in great moments. Don’t forget a sip of hot cocoa to finish the romantic night.

6. Outdoor Candle Lit Dinner. If both of you love food, then have an engagement shoot that emphasize your romantic side while still delivering quality food. Bring the food outside and set up a little table with chairs. Do not forget the candles. Prepare food from one of your dates and have champagne.

7. Have a Picnic. Picnics are always popular with engagement sessions since they can easily compliment anything. You can have a wine while sharing a slice of cake, prepare a basket with sandwiches and chips, two bottles of your favorite soda, grapes, or anything that will just match your color theme and style.

8. Food Fight. You know you always wanted to go crazy and just have fun with a food fight. This will definitely make for unique, colorful, and amazing photos especially if your choices of food are colorful and creamy.

9. Go Play Ball. If both of you are sports fanatic, be it with basketball, football, baseball, hockey and more, then this one is for you. So grab a ball and head out to your chosen field, wear your favorite team jerseys and create romantic moments.

10. Play Mini Golf. It must have been a long time since your last game of mini golf. But, this great location can create candid fun moments that can be seen in your shoot.

11. Go on a Bike Ride. Bike riding has always been fun since we were kids and it has always been a wonderful pastime for couples. Hit the road and go biking. The photos can be made really fun because of the movement. You can even rent a tandem bike to make it even more unique.

12. Go Surfing. If both of you love to go surfing and love the thrill of chasing waves, then this one is for you. Grab your boards and catch the wave. This will definitely be great in pictures and will really be unforgettable.

13. A Shoot on a Train Station. One of the most romantic location that can truly capture romance between newly engaged couples. Just stand near the train depot, or by a passing train, then share an intimate kiss and you will have a picture perfect shot.

14. Use a Vintage Car or Truck. If you love cars or if your hubby loves them, then why not use one and drive through breathtaking areas and shoot? You can go on a road trip and travel the country.

15. Create Your Own World. Let your imagination do the work for you and create your own space. You can make yourself fly, be superheroes, and just be anything you want.

16. Underwater Adventure. This is becoming a popular trend these days. The secret to this is to just choose between a beach or even a pool that is deep enough to take great shots. Just find the right photographer that has all the right underwater gear and you will have great underwater shots.

17. Be Poetic. You can be very creative and write a poem or a short story about each other. Then, act this out story book style and have your photographer take pictures of it.

18. Spending your Day. If both of you work in the same office, why not have your photo shoot in there? You could also set up a stage and document all the fun things that you can do like drinking coffee or going to the beach together, watching movies, and more.

19. For the Music Lovers. For all the music lovers out there, the ideas are endless. You can play instruments that you love, grab vinyl style record player and set it in a secluded area where you can make it romantic and memorable.

20. For Animal Fanatics. If you love your dog or cat, bring them with you and share the photo shoot with them. You could also have the engagement shoot at a zoo or at an 8 foot aquarium where fantastic animals can share the moment with you.