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The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2014

2014 weddings are in for a unique surprise as brides and grooms use the influences of technology and super-charged guests sharing every detail of the wedding right away to their friends and families. We will also be seeing a growing number of couples creating unplugged weddings, and cool inspirations of over-the-top flowers and bright pops of colors mystifying weddings.

Couples will still take their cues from celebrities and from the fashion runways. Expect to have an even bigger and more blown out weddings such as Continue reading

How to Do a Christian and Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Christian Ceremony Seating Arrangement

If you are going to have a traditional, formal Christian wedding or a large civil ceremony, it is natural for the bride’s family and friends to be seated on the left side while the groom’s family is seated on the right. The first few rows with flowers or ribbons and that is not occupied by the main family will be given to immediate family members and special guests. For parents who are already divorced, Continue reading

Wearing the Right Wedding Attire to Your Friend’s Wedding

Got invited to a wedding? So what are you going to wear? Well, the wedding couple has spent many hours just to find the perfect attire. So, why not give the same effort  and find an appropriate wear? The problem for guests though, is that they sometimes feel at a lost when it comes to the right attire. Most would ask what the right outfit is and Continue reading