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A wife and mother of three who enjoys writing about wedding topics. She fully understands the many challenges in planning a wedding and hopes her writing can provide helpful suggestions for a smooth wedding.

The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2014

2014 weddings are in for a unique surprise as brides and grooms use the influences of technology and super-charged guests sharing every detail of the wedding right away to their friends and families. We will also be seeing a growing number of couples creating unplugged weddings, and cool inspirations of over-the-top flowers and bright pops of colors mystifying weddings.

Couples will still take their cues from celebrities and from the fashion runways. Expect to have an even bigger and more blown out weddings such as Continue reading

10 Things You Need to Know to Avoid a Big Wedding Day Disaster

Even the most perfect and smartest couple could commit the worst mistakes that could blow off their supposed-to-be promising and wonderful wedding celebration. So to give you a heads up on the things you should keep an eye on before making your vows, here’s a list of what you should avoid doing before the could-be-once-in-a-lifetime event in your life. Continue reading

10 Wedding Venue Shams You Should Know

Sham 1: Sit-down meals are lavish

There are some ways not to go bankrupt when having a sit-down meal. Consider that even the cheapest venue’s three-course weddings can be very pricey, but if you think creatively about the menu, you will be able to get the discount you need. Old favorites such as bangers and mash are reasonably priced, yet they can still be priced down. You could also offer canapés with pre-dinner drinks instead of serving a starter or Continue reading

Windsor Court Hotel: The Perfect Destination Wedding Venue in New Orleans

While it may be customary to hold the wedding in the hometown of the bride or groom, it is becoming increasingly popular to have the venue at a totally different location. Many soon-to-be couples imagine the perfect wedding day and often times their hometowns just do not have the perfect location, thus destination weddings became popular. Continue reading

Have You Thought About Trashing Your Wedding Dress?

Instead of preserving your wedding gown and probably stowing it away until you forget about it, you can choose to trash the dress (TTD). The trash the dress trend  is not as bad as it seems since there are  a lot of adventurous brides that are choosing this opportunity to give their dress one more great credit. What most of these brides will do, Continue reading